It's time to call in the CavalRe!

Digital reinsurance and insurance balance sheet superintelligence


Solving the ALCO Problem

If you care about insurance balance sheets, you'll want to call in the CavalRe.

We've felt the pain. Innocuous ALCO action items launch teams of finance professionals scrambling for weeks to prepare for the next ALCO. The analysis is manual, non-repeatable, prone to error and the next ALCO kicks off a never ending cycle. It doesn't need to be like that.

CavalRe is a B2B cloud-native reinsurance technology and capital management solution provider offering insurance balance sheet intelligence never seen before. We are your insurance command center.


Our Customers

Who wants to understand insurance balance sheets?

Insurers obviously want to understand insurance balance sheets, but that's not all. Consultants advising insurers, private equity firms considering acquisitions, venture capital firms considering insurtech investments,  investment banks offering derivative hedging strategies, asset managers managing insurance portfolios and insurance regulators overseeing the industry all want to understand insurance balance sheets and their sensitivities.

With the arsenal provided by the CavalRe, you'll be able to understand an insurance balance sheet better than the insurer does.

Coding Station

Our Technology

Best-in-class. Infinitely scalable.

We are pioneers in financial modeling and ultra-fast numerical methods bringing the best of infinitely scalable modern cloud technology to risk and capital management.

Reprice both your assets and liabilities within the same platform instantanously for smooth "what if" scenario analysis. Get answers to tough ALCO questions on the fly without leaving the boardroom.

Business planning and strategic asset allocation are a breeze when you have the right analytics arsenal at your disposal.


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